How does the lie detector work? Is a polygraph test always accurate?

Lie Detector Machine: Lie detector machine, also known as polygraph machine. It has been used for a long time by law agencies and other organizations to find out whether a person is telling the truth or lying. The polygraph machine records changes in a person’s physiological responses. This shows whether the person is telling the truth or lying while asking the question. Let us know in detail how this machine works.

How does a polygraph machine work?

There are many components in a polygraph machine, which are measured together to find out the psychological response of a person. Let us know what are included in these components.

  1. pneumograph: This component records the person’s breathing pattern and detects changes in respiratory activity.
  2. Cardiovascular recorder: This component records the heart rate and blood pressure of a person.
  3. galvanometer: This component measures the electrical conductivity of the skin, which notices changes in the sweat gland.
  4. Recording Device: This component records the data collected by the other components of the polygraph machine.

When a person is connected to the polygraph machine, the examiner asks the person a series of questions. The machine records the physical reactions of the person. Questions are usually asked in “yes” or “no” only. Examiner also asks general questions in the beginning, which are not related to the case. This is done to test the machine and view the recording. These common questions reveal whether the person is telling the truth or not.

Are Polygraph Tests Always Accurate?

Polygraph test is not always accurate. The test can sometimes show that a person is lying when they are actually telling the truth. This can happen when a person is nervous or anxious during the test. Also, polygraph tests can sometimes show that a person is telling the truth when he is actually lying. This can happen if a person is good at controlling their physical reactions or if they are using countermeasures to fool the machine.

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