How important is the booster dose of Kovid vaccine for pregnant women?

Health Tips: Even though the cases of Kovid have reduced in India, but there are many countries where its cases are still coming. Lockdown has been imposed once again in some cities of China. Even in our country, the danger is not completely over yet. According to health experts, depending on the body’s immunity and medical condition, the results of Kovid may vary from person to person. That is why it is necessary to take a booster dose to avoid Kovid. But the biggest question is that if many women are pregnant, can they take corona booster dose? Let us know what is the opinion of health experts.

Can pregnant women take booster doses?

According to health experts, if a woman is planning for pregnancy, then she should take a Kovid booster dose. Pregnant women can also take a booster dose. The dose should be administered without delay. Because many times women wait for the end of the first trimester of pregnancy to get the booster dose, which is wrong. The longer the delay in taking the dose, the more the risk of Kovid will increase.

Can Breastfeeding Mothers Take Booster Doses?

Breastfeeding mothers should also take a booster dose of the corona vaccine. Antibodies from a booster dose reach the newborn through breast milk. Children whose age is 6 years or more should also get the Kovid vaccine. Pregnant women may experience symptoms like fatigue, fever, headache after taking the booster dose. In this case, consult a doctor. Eat a healthy diet and enough water before the dose.

How dangerous is it to ignore the booster dose?

We are hearing about new variants of Kovid-19. In such a situation, it should be avoided to ignore the booster dose in pregnancy. Due to lack of information in the village, women are not able to get the vaccine. In such a situation, the risk of corona increases. Even in the city, the number of women taking booster doses is negligible. Doctors tell that many women who come to OPD for checkup have not taken booster dose. Therefore, if you are pregnant or a breastfeeding mother, then for your own safety and the safety of the child, a vaccine and booster dose of Kovid 19 should be taken.

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