How long should I walk after eating?

Many new diseases are arising due to bad lifestyle. You must have often seen people lie down after having food or sit at one place for a long time. Lying down or sitting in one place immediately after eating food can invite many serious diseases. If you go to sleep immediately after having dinner, then it not only increases the weight, but also many diseases also start affecting the body. Often you must have heard people saying that after eating food, we must walk for some time, because of this our body remains healthy. In such a situation, the question that comes to the mind of the people is whether the food is really digested by walking after eating? Let’s know about this

Heart Specialist Dr. Kershaw Patel of Houston Methodist Hospital said that every little thing a person does will benefit his body. Even if this step is not He said that walking after meals not only maintains body weight but also helps in getting rid of many serious diseases. /p>

Actually, whenever we walk after eating food, our body becomes active and by this the body absorbs nutrients. An important part of the digestion of our food takes place in the small intestine. It has been revealed in the research that by walking after a meal, there is a rapid transit of food from the stomach to the small intestine. As soon as the food from our stomach goes into the intestine, there will be no common problems like bloating, gas and acid. According to research, walking for 30 minutes after meals, exercise improves digestion, which reduces the chances of constipation.

There are many benefits

Walking after eating makes the body active and the food is digested well. By doing any kind of physical activity, endorphin or feelgood hormone is released in our body, due to which our body gets relief. Sleep is also good after walking and our body remains healthy due to this. Apart from this, walking after meals increases the immunity of the body, maintains blood sugar, does not cause the problem of depression and maintains weight.

 Itne minutes to walk.

Health experts say that walking for at least 20 minutes after eating food is beneficial for the body. On the other hand, if a person has more time, then he can increase this period from 20 to 40 minutes. Keep in mind that you have to walk immediately after eating and not after taking a gap.

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