How much alcohol will do to your body in a week

Smoking is very dangerous for health. This is not just a saying but a fact. If a person smokes cigarette, bidi and tobacco, drinks alcohol, then it directly affects the health. Not only this, respiratory diseases can also occur in many ways. New campaigns are launched every year to spread awareness among people about the ill effects of smoking and to motivate them to quit smoking. 

Today we will tell you through our article whether both cigarette and alcohol show the same effect on the body. Along with this, we will tell which of the two, alcohol and cigarette, is the most dangerous. A research has been mentioned in the BBC report. It has been revealed in this research that 750 ml of alcohol is equal to 10 cigarettes a week. On the other hand, the same harm happens to men after smoking 5 cigarettes. People who smoke less cigarettes can be weaned from this habit by making them aware. Many researchers also believe that cigarette smoking is more dangerous than excessive alcohol consumption. Because cigarette smoking has more cancer.

If you drink more alcohol than this, the risk of cancer will increase

According to government instructions, a woman or a man should not drink more than 14 units of alcohol in a week. This is equivalent to 6 points of beer and 6 glasses of wine. The researcher of BMC Public Health has made a surprising disclosure. They say that if a man and woman do not smoke cigarettes but drink at least one bottle of alcohol a week, then the risk of cancer increases in more than 10 men and women. Drinking alcohol increases the risk of breast cancer in women and stomach and liver cancer in men.

Cigarette smoke can make you sick

Smoking worsens lung function and reduces immunity. All designated smoking areas in hotels and restaurants and even airports should be eliminated to ensure a 100 percent smoke-free environment. Most of these designated smoking areas are rarely compliant as per COTPA requirements, said Dr. Harit Chaturvedi, President, Max Institute of Cancer Care. Cigarette smoke is more dangerous for non-smokers than for those who smoke.  It has been made clear in research that heart and lung diseases are more in cigarette smokers.

Cigarettes are more dangerous than alcohol

According to Professor John Britton of Nottingham University, people hardly ever compare that which is more dangerous in both cigarettes and alcohol. At the same time, according to Professor Britton, director of the UK Center for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies, cigarette smoking is more dangerous than alcohol. If a person is really concerned about his health then he should give up the cigarette. Alcohol is also dangerous, but it is no more dangerous than cigarettes if you drink more than 14 units a week. 

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