How Pacemaker Controls Heart Beat, Miss World Runner Up Getting Re-Surgery

Heart Problem: The pacemaker controls the heart beat. It has become a boon for those people whose heart beat is not getting normal due to some reason and is continuously decreasing. Recently, Indian-American model and the year 2021 Miss World First Runnerup Mr. Saini told that she is going to have heart surgery to get a new pacemaker. Mr. Saini had got a pacemaker at the age of 12. Thanks to the pacemaker, his heart beat is normal. Today we talk about pacemaker only. How does a pacemaker that normalizes the heartbeat work? What are its advantages and what are the disadvantages.

what is pacemaker

A pacemaker is used to control the heart beat. This is a small device. It is divided into two parts. There is a generator on one side and its wires on the other. The generator works to generate electricity, while the wires transmit electricity to the heart to maintain the heart beat. The pacemaker is placed under the skin in the left or right collar bone of the heart. It is attached to the nerves. It is a small device weighing 25 to 35 grams.

When does a pacemaker work?

Heart beat falls below 40. There is a problem in supplying further blood to the heart. In such a condition, doctors recommend installing a pacemaker. Artificial heartbeats are generated from pacemakers. When the heartbeat returns to normal. When the heart starts beating normally on its own, the pacemaker stops working. In this way, the pacemaker’s battery lasts for a long time. A pacemaker lasts for about 10 to 15 years.

this is also a danger

Placement of pacemaker where heart beats are controlled. The person starts living a normal life. There are dangers as well. Due to this there is a risk of spreading infection around the heart. There may be allergies in the body. Swelling, bleeding may occur at the place where the pacemaker is attached. Blood vessels can also be damaged. If there is any problem after the insertion of the pacemaker, then see the doctor immediately.

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