How to control anger on the nose

Anger Management: Who likes to get angry? Everyone wants him to be calm and healthy. Sometimes circumstances make a person angry, and sometimes he gets angry because of not getting the work done. It is said that getting angry is injurious to health. But, despite knowing everything, people are unable to control their anger. In metro cities, the situation is such that even if you accidentally bump into another person in a crowded place, he will run to bite you. It has been found in many studies that excessive anger is also due to bad lifestyle and food.

Being excessively angry can spoil personal and professional life and disturbs the ability of decision making. Often wrong decisions are taken in anger, due to which people repent later. In many cities, anger management classes are also being given separately to the people. If you want that you do not get angry and you think calmly and respond to a decision or a situation, then follow some tips for this.

take time

This thing is taught and told to the children since childhood that if the work gets spoiled or something does not happen according to your wish or if there is no good result, then instead of getting angry, keep calm for 5 to 10 seconds and then talk about it. During this, take deep long breaths, which will calm your mind and control your anger.

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don’t collect things in your mind

Nowadays it is seen a lot that a person takes out his anger somewhere. If there is any matter at home, his anger comes out in the office. The anger of the office comes out at home which is completely wrong. Whatever is in your mind, finish it immediately by speaking on the spot. This will lighten your mind and at the same time the person in front will also realize his mistake or whatever it is.

do your favorite things for a while

To control anger, you can do your favorite activity. Many people like to dance and sing etc. By doing your favorite things during anger, the mind becomes calm. Along with this, anger also reduces.

reduce stress

Stress is also one of the reasons for anger on the nose. Actually, when you are already worried or stressed about something, it makes you very angry. You get irritated on small things and lash out at the person in front of you. So reduce stress. You can get relief from stress by consuming things like green tea or tea.

understanding the situation

Many times a person starts getting angry without knowing the situation or situation. But, later he regrets again. That’s why it is better that when you get angry, calm down for some time and understand the situation or matter.

Note: This article only provides general information. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion.

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