How to get admission in Sainik School, know when the form comes out and how much is the fee

Every person wants to teach his child in the best school of the country. But not everyone has the capacity to pay fees of lakhs of crores and send their child to the top schools of the country, where all the comforts of the world are available. However, such parents have an option, where if they get their child admitted, then their child will also get the facilities and education like those top schools, which are available in those high class schools. This option is the Sainik Schools of the country. This type of education, discipline and training is given in the military schools of India… the child who comes out of there does a great job in life.

How to get a military school

< p>Admission in Sainik School is done in class 6 and class 9. That is, if you want to get your child admitted in Sainik School, then you should either get him admitted in the sixth class or in the ninth class. For admission in class VI, the age of the child should be between 10 years to 12 years, while for admission in class nine, the age of the child should be between 13 years to 15 years. Every year a form comes out to get admission in this school… after filling which your child will have to give an entrance exam and only after passing it he will get admission in Sainik School.

When Sainik school form comes out

Talking about the year 2023, this year the forms of Sainik Schools in the country will be filled online from December 7 to December 11. If you want to get your child’s admission in Sainik School, then definitely fill the admission form of your child through online medium between these dates. The most important thing is to be careful while filling the form and keep in mind that there should be no mistake anywhere. The child will have to pass an entrance test, this entrance exam is taken by the National Testing Agency. This exam is conducted every year in the month of January.

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