How to identify real jaggery?

Consuming jaggery in winter season is beneficial. Jaggery is consumed especially in hilly areas as it provides many vitamins and iron to the body. Jaggery is not only beneficial in reducing weight but it also maintains the digestion system and blood circulation. Many types of dishes are also prepared by mixing jaggery which keeps the body warm.

Due to good demand of jaggery in winter season, adulterated jaggery is also sold in the market. In such a situation, you should be careful while buying it because if you eat adulterated jaggery then you may have health problems. Today, through this article, we will tell you how you can differentiate between fake and adulterated jaggery.

Identify by color 

Original The identity of jaggery is that its color is dark brown. If the color of jaggery is white, light yellow or somewhat bright red, then understand that jaggery is adulterated.

Test with alcohol

Genuine jaggery You can take the help of alcohol to test. First of all, take half a teaspoon of jaggery and add 6 ml alcohol to it and mix. Now add 20 drops of concentrated hydrochloric acid to it. After this, if the color of jaggery turns pink, it means that this jaggery is adulterated or duplicate.

Difference between real and fake with water 

To make adulterated jaggery sweet, sugar crystals are added to it. To identify real jaggery, you dissolve it in water. If it floats then understand that it is real jaggery. Same, if it sinks in water then be careful, this jaggery is fake.

Identify by taste 

Taste of real jaggery It is sweet while the taste of artificial jaggery is slightly salty and bitter.

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