How to link Rupay credit card with UPI, know what will be the benefits

Credit Card Usage: To further promote online payments, the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) has recently launched a new facility. This facility allows customers to link RuPay Credit Card with BHIM UPI app. After linking the credit card with UPI, now the customer can use the card without swiping it. With the card being linked to UPI, you can pay by scanning the QR code at any shop.

According to the Economic Times report, the vice-president of fintech company Mindgate Solutions says that the credit card industry is growing at a rate of 30 percent, but its business in India has decreased by 6 percent. He says that this facility will boost business. If you also want to use it, then let us know how it will work and how it can help you.

Who can use RuPay Credit Card on UPI
The use of UPI through RuPay Credit Card has been given by the Reserve Bank of India for a few selected people. According to the circular issued by NPCI on September 20, 2022, customers of Punjab National Bank, Union Bank of India and Indian Bank can first use RuPay Credit Card on BHIM app.

How to link Rupay Credit Card with UPI

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The process of linking RuPay Credit Card with UPI is the same as linking a savings account or debit card with UPI.

To link RuPay credit card with UPI, the customer needs to visit the BHIM app on his smartphone.
Then, the user can click on the option ‘Add Credit Card’ and select the bank that has issued the RuPay Credit Card.
Now the UPI app RuPay Credit Card will be visible and users can select it.
Then, the user needs to enter the last six digits of the RuPay Credit Card and validity details.
Now the customer has to enter the OTP received through SMS.
Finally, the user needs to set a new UPI PIN.
– Once the process is completed, the RuPay Credit Card will be linked to UPI as per NPCI.
Once the RuPay Credit Card is linked, the customer can scan it and avail the benefits.

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