‘If born in the industry, do you not have the right to do films?’ This actor spoke openly about nepotism

Tripling Season 3 Actor Kunal Roy Kapur On Nepotsim: After the success of the first and second seasons, the third season of the web series ‘Tripling’ is going to be released on October 21 on the OTT platform Zee5. Recently the trailer of this series has come out, which shows that the third season is going to be even more spectacular than the last two seasons. Meanwhile, now the actor of the series, Kunal Roy (Kunal Roy Kapur) has spoken on nepotism.

Recently, Kunal Roy Kapur has a conversation with Hindustan Times, where he answered many questions. One of those questions was also of nepotism. He was asked why star kids are looked down upon amidst the nepotism debate. What would you like to say about this?

There is nothing wrong in being a part of the industry

Responding to this question related to nepotism, Kunal said, “It does not apply in our case, we are not born in the film industry. And people who are born in film families, I don’t think there is anything wrong in that if they want to be a part of this industry. It is like any other business. People who are born in the film industry want to be like their parents and there is nothing wrong in following the path of parents.”

He further said, “You get more chances, but whether you succeed or fail depends on your talent. And this happens in every family business. You can do a lot of good in it and you can ruin it too. People were born in a film family, but they did not succeed because the audience did not accept them.”

Kunal also said these things

Kunal Roy Kapur finally said, “No one needs to tell people what to do and what not to do. Being born in the film industry does not mean that there is no right to join the industry.

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