If eaten in excess, ‘almond’ will cause many diseases, know its 4 dangerous side effects

Almonds Side Effects: We have always been hearing about almonds that eating it sharpens the brain. There are many other benefits of consuming it, due to which people feel free to eat them soaked or dried. But do you know that along with the benefits of almonds, there are many disadvantages as well? There is no doubt that almonds are rich in Vitamin E, antioxidants, proteins and fibre. Eating them helps in the treatment of many diseases.

Almonds are helpful in keeping blood pressure and blood sugar levels under control, keeping the heart healthy and reducing bad cholesterol. However, there are some such side effects of eating them, which you must know about. Excessive consumption of almonds can also have adverse effects on your health. Eating almonds in excess can cause you many problems.

Side effects of almonds

complaint of constipation

According to health experts, almonds have the highest protein, fiber, vitamin E, calcium, niacin and riboflavin as compared to other nuts. According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, you should eat just one ounce of almonds, or 23 almonds, daily. Eating more than this can cause serious problems of constipation, bloating and upset stomach.

causes weight gain

If you eat almonds in excessive quantity then it can increase your weight rapidly. While consuming it in limited quantity can give you many benefits. Almonds are rich in fat and calories. If you do not do any kind of physical activity then almonds can increase your weight. Therefore, if you are eating almonds, then definitely include exercise in your routine.

can cause allergies

Many tree nuts cause allergies in people. Almonds are rich in proteins. This is the reason why it is also recognized as an allergen. Almonds sometimes cause oral allergy syndrome in some people, which causes sore throat, severe swelling of the tongue and lips, and itching around the mouth.

kidney stone

By eating too many almonds, you may have to face the problem of kidney stones. Almonds are loaded with oxalates. These are natural compounds, which are naturally found in plants. Green leafy vegetables, legumes etc. are rich in oxalates, which provide a lot of nutrition to the body.

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