If there is swelling in the feet, then get these two important tests done immediately, otherwise the kidney disease will go on increasing.

World Kidney Day: Persistent swelling of the feet and ankles can be a sign of kidney-related diseases. If a pit or dimple is formed on that part when you press it with your fingers, then you should be careful and should not take this symptom lightly, because it can also be a signal of problems arising in the kidneys. A report states that about 30 percent of kidney patients go to the doctor when it is too late. Then only two options remain for treatment, first dialysis and second kidney transplant.

To identify the problems related to kidney, it is necessary to pay attention to some symptoms emerging on the body. According to a news website, you can find out whether your kidney is healthy or not by getting two easy tests done. Let’s know…

Generally patients of high blood pressure and diabetes have problems related to kidney. This is because high blood pressure can constrict the blood vessels, which can damage the kidneys. In diabetic patients, the kidney has to work more to filter the extra sugar in the blood. The first symptom of kidney failure is water retention, which causes swelling. If you are feeling swelling in your feet or ankles, then it is better to get it checked immediately.

How to know about kidney disease?

Comprehensive Vascular Care Through vascular testing, it is found out which circulatory system of the body is affected. Through blood tests, it is determined whether inflammation is the cause of kidney disease or not. Swelling in the feet is considered one of the most common symptoms of kidney disease. Gravity means that gravity pulls the extra fluid towards the feet, which causes swelling. To avoid this situation, you can keep your feet elevated for some time. However, if this problem occurs again and again, you should consult a doctor. You can get two tests done to detect kidney disease.

Find out the condition of kidney with these two tests

1. Blood test: Blood test checks the creatinine concentration, such as decreased kidney function, increased creatinine.

2. Urine test: Urine test checks for albumin in the urine. Its presence indicates kidney failure.

Any kind of swelling in feet or ankles should never be ignored. Because only small visible problems sometimes take a big form. You can get some tests done like urine test, kidney function test and ultrasound to find out the problems related to kidney.

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