If these symptoms are coming, do not ignore them at all, kidney may be in danger

Warning Signs Before Kidney Failure: As soon as the thought of kidney failure comes, the heart and mind stop working. If there is a slight change in the functioning of the kidney, one of the essential parts of the body, then it affects the whole body. That’s why it is very important to take care of the kidney. If any kind of damage starts in the kidney, then your whole body starts giving its warning sign. Which is important to understand. By the way, kidney disease is generally considered equal to silent killer. But this does not happen in every case. In most of the cases, these hints are found that kidney is getting two to four due to some kind of defect. By understanding those, you can take timely treatment and avoid serious complications.

loss of appetite

If you suddenly start feeling less hungry, then definitely try to understand the depth of this sign. It is possible that the toxins in your body have accumulated so much that the appetite is reduced. Vomiting and nausea are also felt. If the weight starts decreasing rapidly, then it can be a dangerous signal.

swelling around the soles

The kidney not only removes the toxins from the body, but also drains it out of the body when there is excess sodium. When the speed of this process slows down or weakens, swelling appears around the eyes, face, ankles and calves. It should not be ignored at all.


Kidney problems can also be one of the reasons for excessive itching on the skin. When the toxic substances increase in the body, then their signal also starts coming through itching.

weakness and fatigue

There can be many reasons for weakness or fatigue. If you feel tired even after walking a little or in everyday activities, then it can also be a sign of some kidney problem.

passing urine frequently

If you start urinating more than normal and at that time there is burning sensation or blood, then contact the doctor without delay. It can also be a signal of a serious kidney problem.

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