If you also pay electricity bill online, then be careful

SBI Alert Cyber ​​Criminals Electricity : If you pay electricity bill online, then you need to be careful. Let there be no fraud with you. State Bank of India (SBI), the country’s largest bank, has informed that cybercriminals have come up with new ways of cheating, which are related to electricity bills.

Alert SMS
Let us tell you that many electricity companies and suppliers inform the customers through an SMS or WhatsApp message on the issue of the bill, the amount of the bill and the date of filling. In order to commit fraud in the name of electricity bill, cybercriminals are trapping people in their net by sending similar messages. They send the same kind of messages to the customers, as often the power companies or suppliers send.

Alert issued from SBI
State Bank of India (SBI) has also appealed to the people to beware of such messages. Many people on Twitter have complained about receiving such messages. On this, the bank has asked the customers to be cautious. SBI Bank says that do not reply or call any such message. Doing so puts your financial information at risk of being stolen. The electricity board or the supplier usually sends SMS from the official number itself. So always check it.

avoid such messages
In this type of message, your electricity bill is due. To update it immediately call on the given number. If you do not do this then your electricity connection will be disconnected. For this they ask you to call or message any number. By doing this, your financial information reaches them and they trap you in their trap.

What to do when you get such messages
If you get any such message, then first of all check that the message has been sent from a verified ID or any mobile number. If that message is sent from some number then it is fake, do not trust it at all. Never contact on the phone number given in such message. Also, do not share your personal or banking details with anyone.

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