If you are doing Diwali shopping from Flipkart and Amazon, then definitely take care

Diwali Shopping Festival 2022: if you Diwali If you are shopping (Diwali Festival Online Shopping) online, then you need to be careful. Let us tell you that all e-commerce platforms like Flipkart, Amazon (Amazon, Flipkart) are giving special sale option with huge discounts and cashback offers. To take advantage of this, people are busy in online shopping on a large scale.

Beware of cyber fraud
In such a situation, you should not ignore your financial security while taking advantage of this sale. Cyber ​​thugs can break into your bank account. How can you avoid such fraud?

RBI increased security
The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has implemented two-factor tokenization system on credit cards and debit cards to check cyber fraud cases. With this, your card details are used in an encrypted form on the merchant platform or e-commerce website. As before, these sites no longer save your card details. In this way the chances of fraud are reduced.

keep these things in mind
You have to make most of the payments in digital mode at the time of purchase of goods. Most of these people use smartphones. In such a situation, it is necessary to take precautions to avoid any kind of fraud, fraud and to protect personal information from leaking. You have to keep these things in mind about securing the use of services like cards and UPI for digital transactions.

  • The app you use for digital payment, download it from the platform (Google Playstore – Google Playstore, App Store – App Store) on your smartphone. If in doubt while downloading the app, close it immediately.
  • Avoid making digital payments by connecting your smartphone to a free Wi-Fi network or an unknown public device. If you do this then you can suffer huge loss and your data can also be stolen.
  • Do not share any OTP on mobile phone. The apps being used for digital transactions never ask for confidential data. Never be in a hurry while making digital payments. Make sure to get a receipt for every payment.
  • While installing the downloaded app on the smartphone, re-check and approve every permission. Never consent to all permissions at once. Collect information about the app you are going to use for digital payment.

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