If you are troubled by blocked nose, then follow these methods, you will get instant relief

Blocked Nose: Due to the weakness of the immunity system in winter, the risk of viral infection increases. It is common to have cold-cough-cold as soon as the weather changes. Many times people’s nose gets blocked due to cold and they have difficulty in breathing. This problem increases especially at night. Due to not being able to breathe properly, people do not sleep at night and then there are many difficulties the next day. You can adopt these tips to reduce the problem of cold and cold and blocked nose.

take steam

You can take steam when you have a cold or a blocked nose. For this, boil water in a steam machine or a vessel and take steam. Keep in mind while taking steam, keep your eyes closed and try to inhale the steam of water.

eat spicy food

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To open the blocked nose, eat some spicy food. This will give you instant relief. Although, to stay healthy, it is said to avoid spicy food, but it is effective in blocked nose.

drink hot water

Due to the blocked nose, the right amount of oxygen does not reach the brain, due to which there can be many problems of the brain. To open the blocked nose, you should consume warm water. If you want, you can also drink honey and ginger juice mixed in it.

nasal spray

These days nasal spray comes in the market to open the nose. You can also use this. However, before using it, do take the doctor’s advice once.

do this little exercise

To open the blocked nose, close your nose and tilt the head slightly backwards. During this, hold your breath. Then come forward and try to breathe. You will definitely get relief from this.


Camphor is also effective in opening the blocked nose. Sniffing camphor also gives relief from blocked nose.

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