If you are troubled by cracked heels, then definitely eat these vitamins, not cream, cracked heels will be completely fine

Vitamins For Cracked Heels: In winter, most people are troubled by the problem of cracked ankles and dryness of the skin. No matter how much care you take, a few heels are bound to burst. Although some people have this problem throughout the year. If this is the case with you as well, then it is not due to the lack of vitamins in the body. Apart from this, sometimes even after adopting dirt and bad skin care routine, the heels start cracking. People who have a lack of vitamins and hormonal imbalance in their body are more prone to cracked heels. Let us know due to the deficiency of which vitamin, the heels start cracking.

There may be a lack of vitamins in the body

Experts say that when the skin becomes dry and the moisture starts decreasing then the skin starts becoming rough and flaky. The reason behind this can also be the lack of nutrients in the body.

Vitamin B-3, Vitamin E and Vitamin C deficiency can also cause cracked heels.

People who lack Vitamin C and Vitamin B3 in their body, their skin starts cracking. If vitamin E is deficient, then it causes cracks in the skin. That is why it is said that if you eat healthy and nutritious food, then its effect is visible on your skin. By eating food rich in vitamins, the production of collagen increases and the skin gets protection. Dryness in the skin increases even if zinc and omega-3 fatty acids start decreasing in the body.

Heels also crack due to hormone imbalance

The problem of dryness increases even when there is a imbalance of hormones in the body. Such people may have the problem of cracked heels. Heels crack even when the balance of thyroid or estrogen hormones deteriorates. Sometimes cracks start in the ankles, due to which blood also starts coming.

home remedies for cracked heels

1- To correct torn ankles, it is most important that you keep your feet clean. Rubbing the ankles removes the dirt.
2- After this, use a heel balm well on the ankles and feet. Use a cream made to moisturize and exfoliate.
3- Another way to clean the feet is to soak the feet in lukewarm salt water for half an hour. Now clean the ankles with a pumice stone.
4- Include a diet rich in zinc in the food. Apart from this, drink plenty of water. This will keep the skin healthy for a long time.
5- Be sure to eat a diet rich in Vitamin E and Vitamin C. This will not damage the cells and the skin will become healthy. For this, eat nuts, seeds and citrus fruits.

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