If you eat food in a hurry, then know the average time of eating food

Health Tips: Health is our capital and for this health we eat food, but in today’s run-of-the-mill life, we have completely forgotten to eat slowly and comfortably. We deal with eating food in a hurry like any other work. This is the reason why man is sick today. People are facing 100 types of problems. If you are also a fast eater, then you must know some things related to it.

What is the average time taken to eat food?

According to experts and experts, you must take at least 30 to 35 minutes at the time of eating food. During this, you should be completely relaxed and eat the food after chewing it thoroughly. Experts say that by eating food while enjoying it, it is also felt in the body and you also enjoy eating it. While eating food, you should keep your mind calm and focus on the police station. Food should be eaten slowly in a relaxed manner because by eating in a hurry, your food particles can get stuck in the windpipe, eating food in a hurry puts a lot of pressure on the digestive system, due to which it takes more time to digest the food. Seems like.

Tips to slow down the pace of eating

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1. Use a timer or watch the clock to extend your meal by 30 minutes.

2. Try to chew each bite 15 to 30 times depending on the food.

3. Take sips of water with every bite of food. It can also help you feel full.

What does the study say?

A separate study also revealed that reducing the rate of eating reduced weight gain and prevented obesity. Researchers from a university in Japan examined data from 59,717 people with type 2 diabetes. When researchers asked people to describe themselves as fast eaters, medium eaters or slow eaters, those who were slow eaters had the lowest risk of obesity. People who described themselves as moderate-eaters had a slightly higher risk, but the highest risk was in the fast-eating group,

Eating in a hurry can cause these problems

1.If you eat food slowly and chew it, then it keeps your digestion right, but eating food in a hurry or swallowing it instead of chewing it can worsen digestion. There is a possibility of problems like heartburn, indigestion and gas.

2.Eating too often can also put you at risk of diabetes. Eating early can reduce the effect of insulin in the body and increase blood glucose, due to which you can become a victim of diabetes.

3.Eating food in a hurry makes a person a victim of metabolic syndrome. In such a situation, he starts having the problem of high blood pressure, and due to high blood pressure, the risk of heart attack increases.

how to change eating habits quickly

1. Regularize the time for your food.

2. Fix your time according to the number of times you eat in a day.

3. Do not think about any other things while eating.

4. Avoid eating while traveling

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