If you install this app in mobile, even thieves will be afraid of stealing your phone.

Mobile Tracker: The number of mobile users in the world is continuously increasing. Now mobile has become an essential part of people’s everyday life. Through this, facilities ranging from voice calling, video calling and messages to e-mail are available. Also, now due to the option of e-payment, it has become common to use mobile wallets instead of keeping cash, but the problem comes then. When your this multi purpose device i.e. mobile gets lost or stolen. But we are going to tell you some tips, so that you can easily find your lost phone.

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If your mobile is stolen or lost, then first of all give the information of your mobile to the police. So that if your mobile is misused in any way, then you will be able to avoid police action. When the mobile is on, it takes less effort to track it. While it is a bit difficult to track the mobile in case it is switched off. However, now there are many such apps in the Play Store for Android smartphones, through which you can track the mobile even after it is turned off.

track it even if it is off app

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    • This mobile tracking app is available on Google Play Store with a very good rating. It can be easily downloaded and installed in mobile.
    • While installing this app, turn on some necessary permissions.
    • Keep the dummy switch off and flight mode feature on in this app. After turning it on, the mobile does not turn off even after turning it off, but the thief will feel that the mobile is turned off. So that you will have ease in tracking.
    • With this app in mobile, the mobile will keep sending you live location and clicking photos from the front camera, so that the thief can be caught easily.

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