If you want to be happy then understand the happy hormones, take care of them too

Hormones: To be healthy it is necessary to be happy and to be happy it is necessary to be healthy. Both the words go with each other. But why is a happy man and why does he become sad. The hormones present in the body work behind this. These are called happy hormones. If the hormones do not work, then the person starts feeling sad and there is no smile on the face. These are the hormones that cause changes in mood. If it is disbalanced then its There is a bad effect on health. Today these hormones work and how to keep them happy.  

This hormone works to keep the brain calm and healthy. Due to the lack of this hormone, the mind starts to remain restless. All kinds of thoughts come. If you want to increase these hormones, then you can eat dark chocolate. These hormones increase in the body by exercising. 

You must have noticed that when a person completes a task, he becomes very happy. The reason for this happiness is this dopamine hormone. To increase this hormone in the body, do daily meditation. Do yoga Sitting in the sun in the morning can also be beneficial. 

There is a bond of love between friends, lovers, mother, father, siblings in the family. The reason for this bonding is the same oxytocin hormone. How you express your feelings, this hormone decides. It is also called love hormone. 

Often the digestive system of many people is messed up. It may be that they lack serotonin hormone. This hormone is largely responsible for keeping the digestive power healthy. To increase it, nuts, ghee can be consumed   These hormones also increase with physical activity.

Keep hormones in check

Exercise regularly
Exercise makes you mentally healthy. Physically fit too. After exercising, endorphins are released in the body. Happy hormones also increase. 

Get healthy sleep
Doctors say that it is necessary for any person to sleep for 7 to 8 hours. Hormones remain active by taking deep sleep at night. This keeps the mood good and happy. 

Give time to family, friends
The deficiency of these hormones is found in people who live alone. It must have been seen that for this reason people living alone become victims of depression. ​Be sure to spend time with family, lover and friends to keep hormones active.

Disclaimer: Take the method and methods mentioned in this article only as a suggestion. Before following any treatment/medication/diet and suggestion, please consult doctor or related expert.


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