If you want to increase metabolism, then drink apple and beet juice daily, it will also help in reducing obesity.

Apple Beetroot Juice: Winter is apple season. In such a situation, apples must be included in the diet. If apple is eaten mixed with beetroot, then it proves to be even more effective. By drinking apple and beet juice, the body gets enough iron. Due to this hemoglobin increases and anemia is removed. By drinking apple and beet juice in breakfast, the metabolism is accelerated. It also helps in weight loss. By drinking apple and beet juice, you feel energized throughout the day. The nutritious elements found in it help in keeping the nerves and muscles healthy. Know the benefits of drinking apple and beet juice.

How to make apple and beet juice at home
To make apple and beet juice, peel 3 beets and peel 2 apples. Put it in the juicer and add some green mint. Grind well and extract the juice. Mix a little honey in it and if you want, add the juice of half a lemon. Add a little salt and drink it.

Benefits of apple and beet juice
1- Increase metabolism- The biggest advantage of drinking apple and beet juice is that it makes your metabolism strong. The body gets plenty of fiber, vitamins and minerals. Apple and beetroot make digestion strong. Due to this, extra fat does not accumulate and inflammation also reduces.
2- Lose weight- Drinking apple and beet juice daily reduces obesity. This calms the craving for food and you avoid overeating. If you are planning to lose weight, then you should drink this juice every day.
3- Control blood pressure- Apple and beet juice should also be drunk to control blood pressure. It controls systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Patients of high blood pressure must drink this juice.
4- Complete iron deficiency- People who have anemia and low hemoglobin in the body, they should drink apple and beet juice daily. Both these things are rich in iron. This helps to overcome the problem of anemia and increase blood in the body.
5- Protect from dementia- Memory remains good by drinking apple and beet juice. This prevents forgetfulness of dementia in old age. Elderly people should drink this juice to keep their memory correct.

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