If you want to increase your memory, then follow these tips, you will be shocked to see the result.

Brain Health Tips: A good memory gives you a different identity, because because of having a good memory, you do not forget people, what they said for a long time, or if you remember everything with a little emphasis, then many of your tasks do not get stuck. , happens on time. There itself. It also has a deep impact on your personality. People remember and like you because of this quality of yours. You are always active. On the other hand, those whose memory is weak do a lot to sharpen it. For example, by reading a book, solving puzzles and learning a new language, our memory becomes sharp. Apart from this, there are many such habits which you can increase memory by following in your daily routine. Let’s know what are these habits…

healthy food

If you always want to be healthy and fit, then it is very important to eat healthy food, only then the mind will be sharp. You should eat fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants and omega-3 to have a sharp mind.

good sleep is important

It is very important to have a good and deep sleep every night. It has been found in many researches that a good sleep of 7 to 8 hours must be taken every night. This relaxes the mind and keeps stress away. Which makes it easy to remember things.


Your passion makes your mind sharp. When we do some work with passion, then we put all our energy and time into it. This gives energy to the brain and the mind becomes sharp.

say no to alcohol

The brain does not work properly due to the consumption of alcohol. Drinking too much alcohol kills brain cells. Due to this, there is a lot of impact on the memory and it starts getting weak gradually.


Taking too much stress is dangerous for the health of the brain. Try to do any work by staying cool, it will be a bit difficult in the beginning, but it will be nice to do it slowly.


Yoga sharpens the mind and moves in a sharp manner. Yoga has a good effect on mental health. To sharpen the memory, we should do yoga daily. This also keeps stress away.

fast food

Eating junk, fast or processed food has the opposite effect on memory. Eat fast food in limited quantity.

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