If you want to study abroad, keep these things in mind

Indian Students Studying Abroad: The total number of Indian students studying abroad is increasing continuously. Many factors influence the decisions of both students and their parents to attend international universities for higher education. International students have to meet the basic requirements to complete the admission process in foreign colleges.

This is a common mandatory procedure that is followed by all universities. Apart from this, there are some extra requirements, which the students have to fulfill. Here is a list of essentials for Indian students looking to study abroad.

Important requirements for Indian students to study abroad


Writing an application form is the first and most important step in applying to study at an international university. The application form will contain all the information about the candidate, such as academic information, personal information, professional information, and any other information related to the study course.

Academy Transcription

From the beginning of his studies to the highest qualification, the candidate has to submit all the educational documents. There are also universities that may require a minimum percentage of marks in a particular subject, so students must check the official website before going through the application process.

English Language Proficiency (ELP) Score

English language test scores are required for all international students seeking admission to a university. IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, SAT, PTE, and other test scores are accepted. However, the minimum marks required varies from country to country.


It contains academic and professional information, such as degrees, certifications, internships, and other work experience. Candidates have to submit a CV for a study in the university.

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