If you watch tutorial videos on YouTube, then be careful, this is how bank account becomes empty

Scam Through YouTube Video: Nowadays, if people do not know how to run any software or gadget, then they immediately go to Google or YouTube. Most of the people like to go to YouTube because there they can easily see through visuals how to do any work. If you also watch a lot of tutorial videos on YouTube, then be alert because hackers are installing malware on your device on the pretext of these videos. Let them know how this whole game is going.

Researchers at cyber security firm CloudSec said that the number of frauds perpetrated through YouTube videos has increased by 200 to 300 percent. Hackers are installing malware such as Vidar, RedLine and Raccoon in people’s systems through these videos.

This is how scam happens with you

Actually, this is what happens when you watch a tutorial video, then in the description below, you are given a link to that app or software so that you can easily download it. In these links, hackers hide malware which gets installed on your system and then they steal your personal information like bank details etc. Especially through such videos where people find crack version of any software or app. Like some people do not want to run the paid version of Adobe Premiere Pro, in such a situation, they find a way to download the crack version of the software from YouTube and then the scam starts from here.

In the video you are told that you can download the app or software directly from the link given below. As soon as people download the software through this link, their system falls into the hands of hackers and then they steal the information. Research has also told that every hour 5 to 10 crack software videos are uploaded on YouTube, through which users are trapped in this trap. Even YouTube’s algorithm is not able to identify such videos easily.

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It is advised that you use the official version or paid version of any software or service. If you take the crack version on your system from a website or third party, then you can get scammed. In the digital era, the only way to protect yourself and your data is to use the Internet sensibly and alertly.

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