In the year 2022, these companies did cost cutting, fired a large number of employees, see list

List Of Companies Who Laid Off Employees: Many companies have laid off a large number of employees this year due to the fear of recession. The companies whose names are in this list are big names in their field, from where many employees were removed. These include the names of Microsoft, Twitter, Ola, Ford, Unacademy, Byju, HCL, Facebook, Xiaomi, Oracle, Wipro, Netflix etc. Let us see the complete list of such companies according to Inventiva.

Microsoft is the first company from the company tech field that has fired thousands of employees. The company has not clarified the number of employees but it is believed that In the restricting process, the company has removed a large number of employees from all over the world.

Unacademy and Byju’s

Both these companies are big names in the education industry. Unacademy has laid off more than 150 employees in the past. However, the CEO of the company categorically denied this. He says that restructuring is not going on in the company and everyone has been given a role according to his work. Railway, which is a subsidiary of Unacademy, also reduced half of its strength.

Byju’s has also fired thousands of employees this year and the company is preparing to remove 2500 employees. The company says that this is their cost-cutting method because there were all kinds of problems in funding.


Twitter has been taken over by Elon Musk and after becoming his boss, the job of many employees is likely to be under threat. According to media reports, the company’s plan is to lay off 75 percent of the total 7500 employees.


Ola Taxi Service has also fired employees this time and has not even appraised. This has happened due to the problem of global funding. As part of the restructuring process, Ola has fired around 500 employees.


Gap Inc recently laid off about 500 employees from its San Francisco and New York offices. This is the latest layoff in the corporate sector. This layoff shows that the internal conditions of the company are not good.


US-based company Ford has removed about 3000 employees and contract workers. These employees are from the US, Canada and India which have been affected the most. The company is now preparing to remove more employees.

Other companies included in this list are HCL, Miata, Xiaomi, Oracle, Tencent and Wipro. These companies have also removed a large number of employees from the job.

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