Indian or western style toilet? Which one is best for your health?

​International Toilet Day 2022: To live a clean and safe life, it is very important to have a toilet. It is not only necessary for us to live a good life, but it also protects us from many diseases. Two types of toilets are used in our society. There is a western and an Indian style toilet, but people often have a question that which is the better of the two toilets. Today we will tell you about the merits and demerits of both toilets according to research and research.

According to time and need, both the toilets have their own importance. At the same time, many researches and research have shown that although western toilet looks beautiful, classy and comfortable, but there are many such disadvantages.

Western Toiletloss of

1.According to the research, in the earlier Indian toilet, the whole body of a person used to walk in it, from hand to toe, in a way, toileting in this way was a complete exercise for the body, when we got up after toileting, it was completely Had exercised, but today the western toilet is as if you are sitting on a chair normally. It’s making you sick in a way.

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2.It is a matter of feeling that when sitting in an Indian toilet, it hardly took 2 to 3 minutes to get fresh, but today even after sitting for 5 to 10 minutes on an English toilet, it is not fresh. can happen.and it is very important for us becomes the cause of problems.

3.You need more water in western toilet than in Indian toilet. That means many liters of water gets wasted in it. Cleanliness is not maintained in western toilets despite excessive use of water, due to which we have to use toilet paper, which also leads to wastage of paper.

4.By using western toilet, you are more likely to get infected. There is a risk of UTI due to this. This is because you have direct contact with the toilet seat. Many types of people go to a toilet, in such a situation there is a danger of spreading any kind of disease from anyone.

Benefits of western toilet

Health Even though it is harmful from Kelihaj, but Western toilet is considered more comfortable than Indian toilet. By using this, you do not get muscle tension in any way. Western toilet is especially convenient for old, elderly people. Its benefits are also for those people who are patients of osteoarthritis or who have recently undergone surgery, who are not allowed to get up and sit too much.

Benefits of Indian toilet

1. People who are not able to exercise regularly, they do not exercise by using Indian toilet, but the movement of hands and feet definitely happens. In Indian toilet, you use your hands to get up and sit, due to which the blood circulation remains correct.

2.When you sit in the Indian toilet, there is pressure on your entire digestive system, due to which your stomach gets cleaned properly. In the same western toilet, if you sit comfortably, then the pressure becomes less, in such a situation, many times the stomach is not cleaned properly and there are problems related to digestion.

3.The use of Indian toilet has also been said to be very beneficial for pregnant women. It is said that using it continuously helps a lot in natural delivery.

4.The risk of infection is also less by using Indian toilet because you do not have direct contact with the toilet seat, you use Indian toilet with the help of your feet.

5.Using Indian toilet reduces the risk of problems like constipation Research done by doctors has shown that people from western countries are more prone to stomach related problems as compared to Indians.

6.There is no risk of colon cancer and other diseases related to stomach by using Indian toilet. Sitting in an Indian toilet seat helps in the complete elimination of faeces from the colon in our body. Thus, Indian toilet helps in reducing the chances of constipation, appendicitis, colon cancer and other types of diseases.

Disadvantages of Indian toilet:

1.Elderly people, Osteoarthritis patients or anyone who has had surgery. Indian toilet is not right for them, their problem may increase further.

2.Applying more pressure while using Indian toilet can damage brain aneurysm cells, which is likely to lead to death.

Overall, both the toilets have their own advantages and disadvantages, it is up to you that what kind of toilet you have to choose considering your pros and cons.

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