Indian Railways: Railways provides travel insurance in just ₹ 1, this is how you can get the benefit of this facility

Indian Railways Travel Insurance Benefits : If you often use Indian Railways for travel, then you must read this news. There is one facility you get while traveling by train, which you mostly ignore. We are going to tell you about the travel insurance available during rail travel. You can know here how this option helps you financially in case of an accident or accident during your journey by train.

Keep in mind while booking tickets
Whenever you make train booking for long distance travel, keep this in mind at that time. You make a reservation in a sleeper or other coach. At that time the reservation is done online or offline in two ways. You get the facility to book tickets of your choice online through the railway website and app. In the same offline, you have to book the ticket by going to the window of the railway station. In such a situation, you have to select the option of travel insurance. You must take care about this feature.

What is travel insurance
Indian Railways provides travel insurance facility to passengers traveling in its trains. According to railway experts, you see the option of traveling insurance when booking tickets through the railway website, app or other online platform. In this, you get travel insurance for 1 rupee or less. Most of the people do not opt ​​for this insurance option. Keep that in mind while booking your tickets next time.

This company gives money
If you select it at the time of booking the ticket, then financial assistance is provided by the railways in lieu of any accident and physical loss caused to you. SBI General Insurance Corporation Limited and Liberty General Insurance Limited are offering this travel insurance on behalf of Indian Railways.

Understand how much financial help is available
If due to any reason the passenger opting for the Travel Insurance option dies in a train accident. Then his family will be given financial assistance of up to 10 lakhs by the Railways. Along with this, Rs 10 lakh is paid by the Railways as financial assistance to the passenger who becomes completely disabled or disabled in the accident. If there is a partial disability due to a train accident, then the railway has to pay Rs 7,50,000 to the passengers. In the same accident, the seriously injured person is paid Rs 2,00,000, while the passengers with minor injuries are paid Rs 10 thousand for treatment by the railways.

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