Indian students like to do this course after 12th class, see list

Top Courses: Every student has interest in one or the other field. According to which he decides his goal and takes higher education. Today we will know about the most popular courses in the country which students like to do the most. However, the preferred courses of the students can be varied and their selection depends on their educational qualification, trends, field of study and career goals.

  1. Engineering & Technology: Engineering and Technology is a very popular course among students across the country. Most of the students prefer to do this course. Main engineering courses include mechanical, civil, electrical, computer science, electronics etc.
  2. Business Management: Business management course is also a very popular course among the students. In this, degree and diploma programs are run in various subjects. Every year lakhs of students do these courses.
  3. Science: Students also like science a lot and do different courses to make a career in this field. Although some student is interested in Physics, some in Chemistry and some in Biology.
  4. Medical: Another popular course for medical students is. It is a very busy and challenging field, but it offers good jobs and career options after becoming a doctor.
  5. Computer Application: In this field, the focus is on computer programming, software designing, database management and other subjects.
  6. Humanities: This is another popular course which focuses on topics like Human Resource, People Development and Human Resource Management.
  7. Media and Journalism: Media and Journalism is also popular among students, which focus on subjects such as the world of media, writing, communication techniques, filmmaking and design, etc.
  8. Social Science: Social science is another popular course that focuses on issues such as social institutions, cultures, political and economic problems. It gives students more exposure to various aspects of society and culture.

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