India’s batting or Pakistan’s bowling, who is stronger? Kapil Dev gave this answer

India vs Pakistan: In the T20 World Cup, a big match will be played between India and Pakistan at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on Sunday. Before this match, there are constant discussions about the performance of both the teams. Before these discussions and this big match of the World Cup, former India’s World Cup winning captain Kapil Dev has said a big thing in ABP News’s special show ‘World Winner’. He told in the special show of ABP News that who is stronger in India’s batting or Pakistan’s bowling.

India batting or Pakistan bowling
In ABP News’s special show World Winner, former veteran captain Kapil Dev said that we are learning a lot in T20 cricket right now. Players are also learning and we are also learning. It is not yet mature cricket because the changes are too many. In such a situation it is difficult to say whether India’s batting is strong or Pakistan’s bowling.

However, Kapil Dev said that India has four-five such batsmen who are impact players. Not one of them but all of them are impact players. While talking about Pakistan, he said that there are two such impact players in his team who come at the top of the World T20 rankings.

He further said that if I talk about the weakness of Pakistan’s team, then I find their weakest link in their fielding. He said that the fielding that Pakistan has now was that of India 20 years ago.

Kapil told his two favorite players

At the same time, Kapil Dev also named one favorite player from India and Pakistan for this great match. Kapil selected KL Rahul from India’s side. At the same time, captain Babar Azam has been selected from Pakistan side.

He said about Virat Kohli that Virat should play in such a way that the whole team plays around him. He also plays attacking cricket and bats for the full 20 overs.

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