Instagram redesigns web app for bigger screens

Instagram redesigned web app: Instagram is constantly trying to improve the user experience with its products. In this sequence, now Instagram has redesigned its Instagram web app. Instagram has taken this step to improve the experience of its web app on the big screen.

According to Instagram, the iPad app isn’t a huge priority for the company. But Instagram is taking this new initiative to improve the big screen experience. After this change, a panel is visible on the left side instead of the top right in the new interface. The panel includes existing tools such as DM (Direct Message), Explore, Create new posts and Notifications. In particular, icons and text have now been included in the panel, making it easier for users to understand the functionality. However, the Stories panel is still visible at the top.

Instagram has been updated

Instagram’s new design looks smaller and more compact than before. According to reports, Instagram has said that we are always working on ways to improve the Instagram web experience for people. We’ve recently redesigned to improve the navigation of the web app and improve the video experience.

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already updated

Earlier, Instagram had updated the app to select favorite accounts. The second new feed is accessed by selecting ‘Favorites’ from the Instagram menu. Here you can choose up to 50 favorite accounts that will appear in the feed so that you can focus your time on the accounts you love the most.

Note that the Favorites feed will show you posts you’ve already seen or interacted with. This means there’s no way to return to your favorite feed and browse from where you left off.

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