Instead of buying… Now India is selling phones to the world, every year there are thousands of crores of exports.

There was a time when India used to import (buy from other countries) only mobiles, but now many smartphones are being manufactured in India. Because of this, now India has started exporting smartphones. In this connection, Indian Railway Minister Ashwani Vaishnav said, “10 years ago, 99% of the mobile phones used in the country were imported, but today 99% are Made in India.” He further said that this year India is going to export smartphones worth $10 billion (82 thousand crores), because now the ecosystem is shifting to India.

These things were said by the Railway Minister during an interview in ABP Network’s Ideas of India Summit 2023. If you want to listen to them, you can listen from 39 minutes by clicking on the link given below.

India’s mobile export at present

The government says that in the year 2023, Made in India smartphones will be the rage, not China. Prime Minister Modi year 2023 I have also made a plan for Made in India smartphone. Electronics and IT Minister Rajiv Chandrasekhar had told that the Indian government is emphasizing on electronic manufacturing along with smartphones. By the way, if we talk about the exact figures, then at present the mobile export in India is about Rs 45,000 crore. In this market too, most of Apple and Samsung are in power.

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What does the CLCINA report say?

According to the CLCINA report, the demand for electronic components in India has been $ 32 billion (about Rs 2.65 lakh crore) in the year 2020-21, which will be $ 70 billion (about Rs 5.8 lakh crore) this year. Local manufacturing in this is $ 10 billion (Rs 82,000 crore).

14 companies have been selected by the government for IT hardware manufacturing. Apart from this, the government is promoting semiconductor manufacturing. India also wants to increase rapidly in IT hardware and services. Although countries like China, Taiwan are still dominating in this area.

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