Insurance cover of 40 lakhs is available on taking LPG connection, know how you can take advantage of it

LPG Insurance For Consumers: If you use LPG Gas Connection, then you must be using Gas Cylinder. In such a situation, you need to be very careful in its use. Your one small mistake can lead to a big accident. In such a situation, if any kind of accident happens, then while covering it, the government gives a cover of 40 lakh rupees on the cylinder. We are going to give you complete information about it in this news.

Will get this much insurance
On taking LPG i.e. cooking gas connection, petroleum companies provide personal accident cover to the customer. This insurance up to Rs 40 lakh is given as financial help in case of gas leakage or blast from LPG cylinder. Petroleum companies have a partnership with insurance companies for this insurance.

Petroleum company takes plan
Oil companies (OMCs) in India, ie HPC, Indian Oil and BPC, take insurance policies for coverage against LPG accidents. It includes third party liability cover for damage to persons and property. Apart from this, these oil companies also take insurance policies for their industries in the country. However, these insurance plans are not taken in the name of the individual consumer of LPG. Hence, no premium is to be paid from the customer. This claim is submitted to the oil company and payment is made to the beneficiary.

How to claim insurance
LPG consumers can claim insurance through their LPG Insurance Policy. Due to which the accident of injuries or accidental death due to gas cylinder explosion is covered. Consumers facing any accident due to LPG can claim insurance coverage of up to Rs 40 lakh. You can get complete information by visiting the official website ( to claim insurance on LPG cylinders.

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when will you get benefit
Petroleum companies provide personal accident cover to their customers. This insurance up to Rs 40 lakh is given as financial help in situations like gas leakage from LPG cylinder or accident due to blast. Personal accident cover provides for loss of life and property due to an accident due to LPG cylinder at the customer’s home. If there is damage to the property/house of the customer in this accident, then an insurance claim of up to Rs. 5 lakh per accident is available.

this is the way
In order to get the claim, the consumer has to immediately report the accident to the police station near his house and also to the LPG distributor company. Consumers do not have to pay any premium for this policy. The customer need not approach or apply for the claim directly with the insurance company. Consumers need a copy of an FIR, medical bills for the treatment of the injured and postmortem report and death certificate to get the insurance claim. In case of an accident, the claim is made through the distributor and the insurance company deposits the claim amount with the concerned distributor. After this, send this money from the distributor to the aggrieved customer.

How much claim on which incident

  • Maximum compensation of Rs 5 lakh is given to the person suffering from the accident.
  • In case of death, a claim of Rs 5 lakh per person is received in the form of personal accident cover.
  • A maximum of Rs 15 lakh is given as treatment expenses.
  • 1 lakh is given for damage to the property/house of the customer.

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