Investors Wealth: Investors lost Rs 7 lakh crore due to Black Monday in the stock market

Investors Wealth Loss: For the investors of the Indian stock market, the first trading session of the week is proving to be Black Monday. Due to the danger of going into recession of European countries including America and expensive debt, domestic foreign investors are continuously booking profits, due to which the index of Mumbai Stock Exchange slipped 1,000 points and Nifty fell 350 points, due to which investors There has been substantial damage to property. 7 lakh crore rupees have been breached in the assets of stock market investors.

14 lakh crore loss in 4 days!
The market capitalization of the Mumbai Stock Exchange was Rs 276.65 lakh crore on Friday, which fell to Rs 269.86 lakh crore within a few hours of the start of trading on Monday. That is, investors have suffered a loss of about Rs 7 lakh crore. Let us tell you that on September 20, 2022, the market closed at a fast pace for the last time, the market cap on that day was Rs 283.32 lakh crore. This means that investors have lost Rs 13.50 lakh crore in just four trading sessions.


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