IOCL Refinery Panipat: Delhi-NCR will get relief from smoke, IOCL will buy stubble from farmers

IOCL Refinery In India: Now the residents of Delhi-NCR are going to get relief from the smoke in the month of October-November. Let us tell you that together the central and state governments are going to take many concrete steps for straw management in the country. Good news is coming out for the farmers. The pollution season due to burning of paddy straw is about to begin. In such a situation, every year farmers used to burn millions of tons of stubble from their fields, due to which the smoke spoiled the whole environment. But now it will not happen. Know what is the plan.

ethanol to be made from straw
Incidents of stubble burning are coming from many places in Haryana, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh adjoining Delhi. Let us tell you that the Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) refinery in Panipat, Haryana has announced to buy straw from farmers to produce ethanol from straw. A plant has been set up in the refinery to make ethanol from stubble. know that the prime minister Narendra Modi had inaugurated this ethanol plant 2 months ago.

Plant built with Rs 900 crore
A plan has been prepared to buy stubble at Panipat Refinery at Rs 172 per quintal. It is being told that it will be raised directly from the farmers’ fields. In order to supply stubble to the refinery, farmers will have to make bales of stubble. This plant, built with about Rs 900 crore, has the capacity to produce 100 kiloliters (1 thousand liters in 1 kiloliter) of ethanol per day. To buy stubble for the plant, it will buy stubble from the farmers of the surrounding districts. For this, stubble collection centers have been set up by the plant in the surrounding districts.

farmer will save
Let us tell you that if the farmer himself makes stubble bales with straw baler, then about 2 thousand rupees are spent on one acre. Whereas, one acre of paddy straw is sold for up to 3,500. In this way the farmer will save Rs 1,500 per acre and at the same time he does not have to burn the stubble.

3.80 lakh tonnes of stubble from Panipat only annually
For stubble management, the Haryana government is also giving one thousand rupees per acre to the farmer separately. Panipat, Karnal, Kurukshetra and Kaithal districts falling in the GT Road belt of Haryana have a lot of stubble due to paddy crop. Panipat district alone produces 3.80 lakh tonnes of stubble every year.

the fields will be cleared
Let us tell you that the field will be completely clean after making straw bales with straw baler. Due to this, the farmer does not face any problem in sowing wheat. The reason for this is that there is no residue of stubble left in the field. Farmers can sow wheat by plowing with harrow. At the same time, wheat can be sown easily in the field by making stubble by making lumps from the baler without sowing with Zero Drill Machine.

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