Is baby’s skin getting dry? Know its cause and treatment

Child Care Tips: Young children of the house often have the problem of Dry Skin in Children. According to doctors, this often happens when you are dehydrated. The problem of dry skin in children is not considered as a serious disease. Many times dry skin gets cured only by trying grandmother’s remedies at home. Today we are going to tell you five such home remedies to overcome the problem of dry skin of children, which will be very useful for you.

Quick effect on sensitive skin

Children’s skin is very delicate i.e. sensitive. Due to sudden change in weather, excessive use of heater or air conditioner, wearing tight clothes or dehydrated due to lack of water, baby’s skin starts drying immediately.

problems like this

The problem of dry skin in children is not considered a serious disease. However, due to this, problems like irritability, allergies start in children. Due to this, problems like scaly skin, chapped lips, itching of the skin also occur in children.

home remedies to get rid of dry skin

keep baby hydrated

Do not let your child dehydrate to avoid the problem of dry skin. Take care of the required amount of water in the body. If there is no shortage of water, your baby’s skin will not get dry. If the age of the child is between 5 and 8 years, then at least five cups of water should be given to him daily, seven cups of water for children between 9 and 12 years and at least nine cups of water for children above 13 years of age should.

baby oil massage

To remove dryness from the skin of children, make sure to massage with oil at short intervals. This will eliminate dryness from your baby’s skin. Also, the health of the child will also remain good.

protect from changing weather

Take special care of children in the changing seasons. Be it hot or cold, the sudden changing weather can have a bad effect on the child. That’s why taking care of them is most important. Take care of them differently in each season.

bathe baby in lukewarm water

Bathe your baby with lukewarm water only. Give lukewarm water to the child to drink as well. Due to this, water remains in the body of the child and his skin remains moisturized. Due to this, there is no complaint of dryness in his skin.

Do not keep in water for long

Sometimes parents let the child stay in the water for a long time. This habit should be avoided. Bathing the baby should take minimum time. Because this makes their skin dry and they also start having many problems.


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