Is infertility increasing in men due to the use of laptop, know how true this thing is

Infertility in Men: Along with women, the graph of infertility in men is also increasing continuously. The reason for the problem is the same, the interference of many unnecessary things in the changed lifestyle and excessive use. For example, excessive use of tight fitting jeans and high heels of women makes them sick and infertile. Similarly, smoking, drinking, late night parties, intoxication etc., as well as working on laptop for long hours and working with laptop in lap are increasing the problem of infertility in men.

How does laptop increase infertility?

    • Laptops are also believed to be the reason for increasing infertility or impotence in men because men who work with laptops on their laps or on their thighs, the temperature of their testicles rises by 1 to 2 degrees due to the heat emanating from the laptop. .
    • Sperms are produced in the testicles ie testicles only. When the temperature of the testicles increases by one to two degrees due to laptop heat, then the sperm count decreases by 40 percent. This leads to the problem of infertility in men.
    • When the temperature rises by just 1 to 2 degrees, the sperm count in the testicles drops by 40 percent, whereas if the laptop is worked on the lap all day or if it is kept on the thighs like this for hours, then the temperature of the testicles can increase up to 5 degrees. Is. Now think… if this happens then what will happen to the sperms and will the quality be left in the sperm.
    • Because only the sperm count is not affected due to the heat of the laptop. Rather, there is a bad effect on the quality of sperm and due to the poor quality of sperms, men are deprived of the pleasure of becoming a father.

How to avoid the bad effect of laptop on genital organs?

    • In order not to have a bad effect on the genitals, first of all, stop the habit of working by keeping the laptop in your lap. If it is necessary, you can do this for an hour or two, but do not make a daily habit.
    • While working, not only heat is released from the laptop but also an electromagnetic field is created. That is, EMF and its effect can be so bad that men can be cursed for lifelong childlessness.
    • The electromagnetic field not only reduces sperm count and sperm quality in males, but also reduces their mobility and intensity. This reduces their ability to reach the uterus and fertilize.

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