Is it beneficial to take a bath before sleeping in winter? learn

Every person starts his day in a different way, similarly every person ends his day in a different way. Some people like to read books before going to bed, some like to sing and some like to take bath. Often people in the family say that one should take a bath before sleeping, it helps to sleep better. Is this really true? Let’s know about this

According to experts, taking a bath before sleeping is beneficial for the body and it leads to better sleep. Neuro specialist Vipul Gupta told that many studies show that taking a bath before sleeping not only improves the quality of sleep but also has many other benefits. First of all, know what is the benefit of the body by taking a bath before sleeping.


Decreases fatigue throughout the day

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increases blood flow in the body

sleep quality improves

Pimples and allergies on the skin are reduced because different types of particles, dirt, sweat and oil etc. are removed during bathing. If a person does not take a bath, then these can get mixed in the pores and cause irritation in the skin, then pimples start to occur.

It relaxes the body and the whole mind

Is it necessary to take a bath even in winter?

Experts say that even in winters, bathing every night before sleeping is beneficial. However, for this the water should neither be too hot nor too cold. In winter, one should take bath with lukewarm water and after taking bath, the head should be cleaned properly so that one can sleep well. If the head remains wet then you may have headache and restlessness. Therefore, after taking bath, clean your head properly and then sleep.

What is the role of water temperature in bathing

Dr. Gupta told that the temperature of the bath water depends on the weather. Some people like to take bath in hot water whereas, some in cold water. He told that taking bath in hot water for some time is better in winter season as it removes body fatigue. Along with this, it also gives relief from muscle pain. Often people complain of bone pain in cold weather. Bathing with hot water relaxes the muscles, which leads to good sleep. The same, Dr. Gupta said that bathing in cold water during summer gives rest to the mind and body of the people. He said that one can take bath with both hot and cold water as both have different benefits and every person’s body is different and adapts to a certain habit.

Is there a fixed time to take a bath before sleeping?

Let us tell you that there is no fixed time to take a bath before sleeping. But, experts say that taking bath 1 to 2 hours before sleeping is good for the body. Dr. Gupta said that taking a bath before sleeping can be beneficial and it also balances the body temperature. Although not everyone is advised to take a bath before sleeping. Dr. Gupta told that elderly people should avoid taking bath every night before going to bed. Such people can take bath once in two-three days at night. Keep in mind, never take a bath in extremely cold water or extremely hot water because it has a bad effect on the body.

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