Is the PM Public Welfare Department giving a reward of Rs 5,000 to the people who got the corona vaccine!

PIB Fact Check of Viral Message: The expansion of internet in India has increased very fast in the last few years. Because of this people’s life has changed a lot. Nowadays people are very active on social media. In such a situation, they also get to see many types of viral messages. In the year 2020, the corona epidemic knocked in the country. After this, in the year 2021, a vaccination campaign for corona was started in India. The government has given the facility to every citizen of the country to get free Kovid-19 Vaccine. After getting the corona vaccine, you get a government message, but nowadays the claim of the message sent by the Prime Minister’s Welfare Department on social media is going viral very fast.

This message is being sent to the people that those who have got the corona vaccine, they will get financial help of Rs 5,000 by the Prime Minister’s Public Welfare Department (PM Jan Kalyan Portal). If you have also received this message, then before believing it, definitely know the truth of this message. This can save you from big trouble later. The Press Information Bureau, the government bureau dealing with the press, has scrutinized this viral message and told its truth. Let’s know about this-

PIB gave information by tweeting-
The Press Information Bureau has found out the truth of the message going viral in the name of the Prime Minister’s Public Welfare Department and shared information about it. Giving information on this matter from its official Twitter handle, PIB has told that this claim is completely fake. In its tweet, PIB Fact Check said that in a viral message it is being claimed that those who have got the Kovid vaccine are being provided ₹ 5,000 by the Prime Minister’s Public Welfare Department after filling an online form. The claim of this message is fake. Please do not forward this fake message.

Efforts are being made to trap people in forgery
PIB has told that fraudsters try to implicate common people through such messages. Many times cybercriminals steal their personal information from people by naming different schemes. After this, he empties the account and cheats people of thousands of rupees. Before believing such viral messages, you must know the truth of such messages. Keep in mind that to get information about any government scheme, visit its official website.

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