Is there a complete package or do you get paid on a per match basis? Know the salary of IPL umpires

IPL Umpire Salary: Who does not know the Indian Premier League i.e. IPL today. People from country to abroad are crazy about this league. One of the biggest league of cricket Indian Premier League The franchisees bid heavily on the players playing in the IPL. Many times the bid which started from a few lakhs reaches crores. Apart from this, a lot of money is also spent on branding and other things. But do you know how much an umpire earns from the matches held during this league? Let’s know…

Where the players earn handsomely during an IPL season, the umpires are also not far behind them. According to different reports, the salary of umpires has been divided into two categories. In the first category, those umpires come who are included in the Elite Panel of the ICC. Such umpires are given Rs 1.98 lakh for umpiring in every IPL match. While development umpires have been placed in the second category. Those who get 59 thousand rupees in every match.

Umpires earn lakhs

According to the reports, an umpire officiates in about 20 matches, that is, an umpire earns about Rs 40 lakh from one season of IPL. Apart from this, they are also given money for sponsoring the umpire’s dress. Whose amount is around 7.30 lakh rupees. This amount is for the entire season. A total of 74 matches will be organized in the ongoing IPL season this year. By the way, it would not be wrong to say that the base price of some players is Rs 20 lakhs, who are sold for the same price or remain unsold. In such a situation, an umpire earns more money than them.

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