Is there a hidden camera in your hotel room, check in these steps

Hidden Camera In Hotel Room: If you go anywhere, stay in the hotel. Many times a hidden camera is installed in the hotel room but we do not know this. It is easy to find out. Today we are going to tell you in this article, how in a room You can check hidden devices.

mobile application

If there is a device installed in your room, you can find out about it from the mobile application. Nowadays, you can take help from all these applications like Hidden Camera Detector, Detect Hidden Device in Android phone.

Learn Bluetooth Devices

You can find out about any other device with Bluetooth or WiFi help. In the room where you are staying and if there is any problem with your phone signal, then you should check the room thoroughly to see if there is any hidden camera.

check these places

If you are staying in a hotel, then all the items in its room should be looked at carefully. Sometimes people put the camera behind the stuff. Pay special attention such as around the lamp, AC power adapter, alarm sensor and near the phone. Also, look carefully at the bathroom of the room and also check the goods kept there. Be sure to also check places like toothbrush holders, faucets, behind bathroom doors and windows.

You can also check in these ways

Today, in this era of technology, cameras can be installed in glass too. For this you can also see this with the help of flashlight. First of all, you have to turn off the light and keep the flashlight in front of the glass and then see if there is any reflection or not. If there could be a camera.

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