It is a dream to work in the film industry, these five diploma courses will provide direct entry and lakhs of rupees.

As soon as someone talks about working in the film industry, people think that he is talking about becoming a hero, but it is not so. There are many types of work in the film industry. Today we will tell you about some such works. Along with this, we will also tell you which studies you will have to study to do these works. The best thing is that all these courses come under one year or 6 months diploma course and you will not have to spend a lot of money to do this diploma course. Whereas, talking about the money you get after doing this course, you can earn lakhs by showing your better skills.

How to do Diploma in Cinematography

You can do diploma in cinematography from any media college in the country. Cinematography is considered the most important part of the film. Actually, the job of a cinematographer would have been to understand and manage the fine techniques of camera and lighting used in the film. Let us tell you, the cinematographer is also called DOP, which you also know by the name of Director of Photography. After graduation in cinematography, you can do a one-year diploma course, whereas if you want to study it after 12th, then you will have to do a three-year degree course. If we talk about the fees charged for this study, then in a year you will have to spend a maximum of one to one and a half lakh rupees. However, if you do this course from a government institute, then your fees will be further reduced. Whereas, if we talk about the monthly earning of a cinematographer, then he earns lakhs of rupees in fallen condition.

How to do Diploma in VFX

VFX which Visual effects are also called, are being used a lot in films these days. You got to see a lot of VFX in films like Bahubali, Ra-One and Brahmastra. Along with films, the demand for VFX experts has increased rapidly in the gaming industry as well. If you also want to do something in this field and want to make your career, then you can do one year diploma course after 12th or graduation. You can do this course from any media college.

How to do diploma in audio editing

Diploma in audio editing is not easy, because it Only a few colleges in the country provide education. However, if you do a diploma in audio editing, then understand that your future is on the right track. The need for audio experts is more in the film industry and people are less, in such a situation those who are audio experts earn good money. If we talk about what is the work of an audio expert, then let us tell you that the sounds you hear in films, whether it is the sound of shoes while walking, or the sound of gunfire, or rain, everything is managed by the audio editor. Is. Even the smallest thing that you see in movies and the sound in the background is managed by the audio editor.

How to do Diploma in Video Editing< /strong>

You can do both one year diploma and 6 months certificate course in video editing. It will not cost much money to do this course. While talking about the role of video editor in films, it is very important. Actually, the film is shot in many pieces, but it is the work of the video editor to join these pieces together and prepare the whole picture well. In today’s era, the demand for video editor is very high, because the demand for video content has increased among people, in such a situation, even if you do not work for films, you will still get good work from many production houses and you can relax. You can earn well in a month.

How to do Diploma in Set Designing

Set designing means preparing the stage during indoor shooting. Doing. That is, if the scene of a palace in Jaipur is to be shown in the film and the shooting is to be done in Mumbai itself, then it is the job of the set designer to prepare a set that looks like that palace inside the studio itself. Similarly, sometimes set designers prepare sets on the basis of script and scene. In the films of film directors like Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Ashutosh Gowariker, you often get to see great set designing work. If you want to study set designing, then you can do one year diploma course from any good media college.

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