It is difficult to buy expensive olive oil, so make this oil full of health at home

Olive Oil At Home: Olive oil is a type of oil that is extracted from olives and is commonly used in cooking. To make the salad more delicious, people often sprinkle olive oil on the salad. Olive oil is very smooth and shiny, due to which it is also considered as the best oil for massage.

Be it skin or hair, the benefits of olive oil are the only benefits. Overall, we can say that it is an all-rounder oil. Olive oil is easily available in the market but it is a bit expensive. In such a situation, you can make olive oil at home. This process is a bit lengthy but the oil you will get in the end will be very pure.

Ingredients needed to make Olive Oil-

If you want to make half a liter of oil, then take 2.25 kg of fresh olives. Half to one cup of water distilled water.

how to make

Prepare olives like this –

1. Select Olive for Oil

Two types of olives can be used to make oil. Raw olives and ripe olives..

2. Wash the Olives

Take the olives in a sieve and wash them with cold water. Using your fingers, remove all the dirt from the olives. Let the olives dry.

3.Use the Olives Quickly

Do not keep olives for a long time. Use them soon, but refrigerate them if you want to use them after a few days.

Process of grinding and pressing olives

1.Separate the olives.

You will have to separate the olives according to the equipment. Separate them in three to four batches.

2. Place the Olives in a Bowl

Place the olives in a bowl. Keep one thing in mind that it should be in single layer. When olives are grinded, oil can come out of them. Use round bowls so that the oil does not come out.

3. Mash the olives

Now mash the olives and make a paste. Keep one thing in mind here that there should be no lumps in the olives. When you crush the olives well, you will see that a glow is coming. This shine belongs to your oil.

4. Take out the paste in a glass

Fill the paste that will come out after this process in a glass or blender, but keep in mind that whatever you are filling the paste in is half full.

5, mix the paste with water

Mix the water with the paste. Use 2 to 3 teaspoons or 30 to 45 ml of warm water for every 1 cup or 250 ml of olive paste. The water should be hot. Remember that you will separate the paste with water and oil.

6. Blend the Olives

Blend the olives until the oil starts to float on the surface. If seeds and kernels are left then use a power blender as it is necessary to remove them. This can affect the quality of your oil.

oil extraction process

step 1

Put the olives in a bowl and grind them. Keep in mind that you have to keep grinding the olives in a single layer, that is, you have to keep these olives in a single layer. After this remove their seeds and grind them. Now take out the ground olives in a big glass. After this, put two small cups of hot water in it. After that blend it well using a blender.


After mixing well, your yellow colored paste will be ready. Now filter this paste with the help of paper in another bowl and extract the oil. Now take a sieve and clean it. Separate the top layer with the help of a spoon. Take your olive oil is ready. Now store the prepared oil in a glass bottle. Keep in mind that you can store this oil only for 3 to 4 months.

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