It is easy to hide old photos with this feature of Google, now old memories will not give pain

Google Photos Feature: If you use Google Photos to save photos on your smartphone, then this feature of Google Photos can be of your choice. In this, Google will help you to hide those old pictures, which you want to keep in the phone, but do not want to see them again and again. It can be of some place, some function or any such person, with whom you have a lot of attachment. Here we are going to tell you about the process of hiding the photo.

hide photos like this

  • Open Google Photos.
  • You’ll now see a story-like format with different highlights, such as Story Spotlight, Current Spotlight, Year Ago, and more.
  • Go to the Settings icon by clicking on any of these options.
  • Now go to the menu and open the memory setting.
  • Now you can select the pictures which you want to hide.

Smartphone users can choose such a photo present in their phone, which can be of a particular person or even of their pet. Those pictures do not appear in the memory. In the setting, you can select the option to hide them. For this you just have to select those photos. But Google will remove this topic from the photos. But you will still see these photos in the memory option and while scrolling through the photos. There is only one better option for them. If you do not want to see these photos, then it would be better to delete them.

Smartphone users have another good option to hide photos in Google Photos. For this, you can go to Settings, click on Add Dates and hide photos of that particular time frame. Especially the facility to hide photos till 1970 is given. You can also choose the option of advanced setting in Google Photos. In this feature, the user can also choose the format in which he wants to see his photo memory (such as animation, collage, cinematic).

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