‘It was very painful to separate from Reena Dutta…’, when Aamir told how his condition was after the divorce

Aamir Khan Reena Dutta Divorce: Aamir Khan is always in discussion about his films. Apart from this, he has also been in headlines regarding his personal life. It is known to all that Aamir married Kiran Rao in the year 2005 after divorcing his first wife Reena Dutta, but last year Aamir separated from Kiran as well, but the first It was not easy for Aamir Khan to separate from wife Reena. Aamir Khan had told in Karan Johar’s chat show Koffee with Karan 6 that he had to go through trauma for a long time after getting divorced from Reena Dutta.

Aamir had to face trauma after separating from Reena.

Aamir Khan divorced Reena Dutta in the year 2002, which was no less than a trauma for him. In Karan Johar’s chat show, Aamir said, ‘Reena and I were married for 16 years. When we separated, it was very painful for us and our family. We tried our best to deal with the situation. Even after separation, Reena and I never let the love or respect for each other diminish.

Said this thing in praise of Reena Dutta

The actor further said, ‘I thank Reena that she gave me a chance to be in her life. We were very young when we got married. It didn’t mean that I didn’t respect Reena or my love for Reena was less. He is really a wonderful person. We were very young when we got married. I value her and I am glad she does too. Aamir also told that both Reena and Kiran have always had a good relationship and he had no role in it.

Aamir Khan distanced himself from acting

Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao met in the year 2005 on the sets of the film Lagaan. Both have a son named Azad Rao Khan. Last year, Aamir and Kiran Rao announced their separation. Let us tell you that Aamir Khan was last seen in the film Lal Singh Chaddha, which flopped badly at the box office. However, now he has decided to stay away from acting for some time.

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