Jasprit Bumrah wore a shirt worth 1 lakh 13 thousand, know what is its specialty

Jasprit Bumrah Balenciaga Shirt: Jasprit Bumrah has not played any kind of cricket for the Indian team for more than two months. He is away from cricket since September. The reason for being away from cricket is injury. He is yet to fully recover from his injury. Due to injury, he could not even play in the T20 World Cup. Despite this, Bumrah is an expert in the art of how to stay in the headlines. Recently, he has shared a photo of himself on social media. Which his fans are liking a lot.

Bumrah shared the photo

Jaspreet Bumrah has shared his photo on Twitter. In this picture, he is seen wearing a shirt of the famous French brand Balenciaga. Balenciaga is not a common brand that everyone can buy. It can be bought only by those who earn big money here. The price of the shirt that Bumrah bought is around 1 lakh 13 thousand rupees. In the caption of the photo, Bumrah wrote, “Ho sadti hai duniya yaar di chhadt to rokia na rukda eh baiham kadd do me kaha dabban dabaon wali gall chhadd do rakh dinda patta ke ghabru jad to”. Till now thousands of people have liked and commented on this picture of her.

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The specialty of the Balenciaga brand

The Balenciaga brand was founded in 1919 in the Basque city of Spain. But after the Civil War, one of its stores was opened in Paris in 1937. Balenciaga produces more women’s items than men’s. Seeing its specialty, there was so much craze for this brand during the Second World War that people risked their lives to go to Europe to see Balenciaga brand clothes. Items made from black-brown and pink fabrics became very popular. Apart from dresses, Balenciaga also produces footwear, handbags and accessories.

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