Jonny Bairstow mocks Sri Lanka’s national anthem! This question asked about the length of the song

Jonny Bairstow: England wicket-keeper batsman Jonny Bairstow has made a comment about the Sri Lankan National Anthem, for which he is being criticized a lot. In a tweet, he has asked a question about the length of the national anthem of Sri Lanka. Along with this, he has also written that it is a matter of great effort to remember this entire national anthem.

Bairstow’s tweet came just before the Sri Lanka-New Zealand match played in Sydney today. During the national anthem before this match, Bairstow tweeted, ‘Is the national anthem of Sri Lanka the longest national anthem in the world? All the people are not able to remember even one end of English and they do not even know about the other end. In such a situation, it is a matter of great effort to remember it.

Sri Lankan social media users are reacting a lot to this tweet of Bairstow. Some are advising them to respect the national anthems of other countries, while some are calling them old-minded Englishmen. However, some users are also writing that Bairstow has not made any wrong comment in his tweet nor has written any derogatory thing.

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