Juvenile Diabetes: This disease can make your child helpless for life

Symptoms Of Juvenile Diabetes: In today’s time, everyone is troubled by the problem of diabetes. Whether it is the elderly, the youth are all in its grip. Broadly speaking, there are two main types of diabetes. One type 1 and one type 2. Type one diabetes which is also known as juvenile diabetes. Juvenile diabetes is seen many times in children. In this condition, the pancreas produces very little insulin or no insulin at all. Explain that insulin is a hormone, with the help of which sugar reaches the cells and gives energy to the body. When the insulin-producing beta cells of the pancreas are destroyed by viral or bacterial infection or by the formation of antibodies, they stop or reduce insulin production. Due to this, the level of sugar in the blood becomes irregular.

How to recognize juvenile diabetes?

Experts believe that diabetes in a child (diabetes) Can happen anytime from birth. Symptoms of diabetes sometimes appear suddenly in children. Symptoms like excessive thirst, frequent passing of urine, night-time bed-wetting, excessive appetite, rapid weight loss, abdominal pain, vomiting, along with mood changes in the child and blurred vision are visible.

Why does Juvenile Diabetes happen?

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Till now the cause of this disease has not been known. It is an autoimmune disease. Usually the body’s immune system kills bacteria and viruses, but in the case of autoimmune disease, this system starts destroying the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas. The reason for this can also be genetic or virus infection. This can happen at any age. Most of its cases appear at the age of 4 to 7 years to 14 years.

How should parents take care of a diabetic child?

1. Prevent the child from consuming junk food. Avoid things like cold drinks, rice, sweet potatoes.

2. Do not let the child remain empty stomach for a long time. Make a diet plan on the advice of the doctor and follow it.

3. Keep getting the child’s checkup done from time to time. Because there is no permanent medicine for this. Only the necessary advice of the doctor from time to time can help in controlling diabetes.

4. Motivate the child for physical activity and get their physical activities done together.

5. A balanced and nutritious diet is necessary to keep diabetes under control. Feed more and more vegetables, get whole grains, proteins consumed.

6. Get children to do aerobic exercise regularly. It helps in controlling diabetes in a better way.

What is type 1 and type 2 diabetes

Type-1 and Type 2 are two forms of diabetes. Of these, Type 1 is more serious because it affects more children. There is not so much problem with Type – 2. In Type 1, children can also go on insulin. Type 1 can make the child helpless. Any child who has diabetes problem, if their parents give the right diet, then they can improve the situation and get better results.

Disclaimer: Take the information given in this article only as a suggestion, before implementing any such treatment, cure or diet, please consult your doctor.

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