Kaal Bhairav ​​jayanti 2022: Here alcohol is offered to Kaal Bhairav, learn the secrets of the temple

Kaal Bhairav ​​Jayanti 2022 Temple: Kaal Bhairav ​​Jayanti will be celebrated on 16 November 2022. The birth anniversary of Kaal Bhairav ​​is celebrated on the Ashtami date of the Krishna Paksha of the month of Marshish. This day is dedicated to Baba Kaal Bhairav, the fierce incarnation of Lord Shiva. Kaal Bhairav ​​has been given the title of Kotwal in Kashi. There is such a unique temple in India where alcohol is offered to Baba Bhairav ​​as Prasad. It is said that the idol consumes liquor here, but where this liquor goes is still a mystery. Let us know the interesting things and secrets of this special temple.

Where does Kaal Bhairav ​​get alcohol?

There is a unique temple of Kaal Bhairav ​​in Ujjain and Delhi of Madhya Pradesh where liquor is offered to Baba. This temple situated on the banks of Shipra of Ujjain is known as Bhairavgarh. Here liquor is also sold outside the temple to be offered to Baba along with the worship material. According to belief, the description of this temple is found in the Avanti section of Skandpuran. The Vaishnava form of Lord Kalabhairav ​​is worshiped here.

Mysteries related to the temple

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It is said that when the idol is touched with alcohol in a vessel, then the whole vessel becomes empty in a while. Where does this liquor go, this mystery remains even today. Everyday many devotees come here to see Baba’s glory and this scene. Liquor is definitely offered to Kaal Bhairav ​​but this prasad is not distributed. The purpose of offering liquor to Baba is to take a resolution to leave all your evils. Liquor i.e. Sura is also a form of Shakti. This power should not be consumed.

Baba is made to wear a special turban

The turban of the Scindia family is adorned on the statue of Lord Kalbhairav. It is believed that when the enemies had conquered King Mahadji Scindia of the Scindia family for 400 years, he had reached the shelter of Kalbhairav. Here his turban had fallen, then Mahadji Scindia offered his turban to Lord Kalbhairav ​​and prayed for victory over the enemies. It is said that after this, Mahadji Scindia ruled for a long time by driving out all the enemies. Since then, Kalbhairav ​​is still wearing a turban on behalf of the royal family of Gwalior.

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