Keep these things in mind while taking care of a small baby

Winter season is challenging for everyone but, New Born Baby this season becomes even more dangerous. This is because bacteria and viruses grow rapidly in the winter season and newborns are the earliest to fall prey to it. The immunity system of newborn children is very weak as compared to adults. A little carelessness can have a serious impact on the health of the baby. Not only the internal body of the baby needs special care, but also the external body has to be protected from the cold.

Dry air in cold weather can rob the skin of newborn babies. Due to which they may have skin related problems. Let us know how parents can take care of their new born baby in the winter season. 

Maintain body temperature

Cold In order to take care of the baby during the monsoon season, the mother should take special care of her diet. If there is any problem in the diet of the mother, then it directly affects the newborn child. New born babies are most at risk of hypothermia during the winter season. Actually, in this, the body temperature of the newborn child starts decreasing. In such a situation, the parents should wear sufficient amount of clothes to maintain the body temperature of the child. Keep the feet, hands and head of the child covered.

Keep the newborn in a room whose temperature is around 25 to 27 degrees. Apart from this, skin-to-skin contact with the parents also helps in maintaining the body temperature of the newborn. It is also called ‘Kangaroo Mother Care’ in medical language. Use an air purifier in the newborn’s room to protect him from pollution and sunlight. 

Take care of the skin

Newborns Bathing is necessary but, if the winter is severe then you can bathe them every second or third day. For bathing, add soft antibacterial liquid to the water and clean the baby’s body with a soft towel. Along with this, change the baby’s clothes 2 to 3 times a day.

Oil massage is necessary 

Massage of the body of the new born baby is most important after bath. It is necessary. You can use almond, coconut oil etc. for body massage. Note: Never use oil containing chemical products on the body of a new born baby.  Contact your doctor for more information on this subject.

Moisturize the skin 2 to 3 times

Moisturize the baby’s skin To keep, use moisturizer 2 times a day. However, before using moisturizer, take permission from your doctor. Moisturize your baby’s skin to keep it moist and get rid of dryness.

Dress warmly

Dress your baby warmly to protect it from the cold Should be worn Note: Do not use wood or anything else that emits smoke as the smoke can make the baby ill.

Do not pile blankets 

< p>Do not put a pile of quilts and blankets on the child due to cold. Cover the child in such a way that he can breathe easily. The problem of nasal congestion of the newborn is common in cold weather. In such a situation contact your doctor or use nasal nozzle drops.

If mother’s milk is not sufficient for the baby then give formula milk to the baby. Consult your doctor for more information on this topic

If the child is 10 or more than 1 year, then after this, on the advice of your doctor, give him other things

< h3>Don’t make this mistake

Never put a newborn to sleep on his back because it causes difficulty in breathing. Always put the baby to sleep on its back and be around it.

Newborn babies are more at risk of fever. In such a situation, if you feel that the temperature of the baby is high, then contact your doctor immediately. Actually, some people use electric appliances to keep the baby’s body warm in winter. The thing to keep in mind here is that excessive heat can be dangerous for the baby and it increases the risk of SIDS. 

SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) is a disease in which The child dies while sleeping.

Never miss the vaccination of the new born. Make sure to get the child vaccinated at the time prescribed by the doctor.

Note: This article provides a general information. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Consult your doctor for more and precise information.

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