Kitchen Hacks: If you want to make blooming rice, then definitely mix these two things present in the kitchen in the rice.

Kitchen Hacks: If there is no rice in the North Indian plate, then the food seems incomplete. Generally, rice is made everyday in every house, but women often complain that the rice sometimes remains watery or gets too much melted. Actually this happens because when we offer rice to cook, we are not able to get an idea of ​​water, due to this either it becomes sticky or it remains too watery. We are going to tell you a right tip, by adopting which you will be able to make blooming rice. Let us know how to make blooming rice.

These tips will make blooming rice

1. Use of right amount of water: Water is very important for cooking rice, but more than that it is necessary to add the right amount of water. We often add water excessively, but we should keep in mind that you add double the amount of water to cook rice, if you are making one glass of rice, then add two glasses of water to it. On the other hand, if you are making rice in a cooker, then add one and a half glasses of water to one glass of rice.

2. Add lemon and salt: To make rice, when you put water and rice in the vessel, then add lemon juice and a pinch of salt as well, by doing this the rice becomes cooked.

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3. Cook on low heat: If you are making rice in a cooker, after one whistle slow down the gas for 5 minutes and let the rice cook on low flame. By doing this, the water in the rice will be maintained and the rice will be cooked completely.

4. Add butter or ghee to rice: Often women make the mistake that they do not wash the rice properly, the starch remains in it, so if you are cooking rice, wash the rice with four to five water, by doing this the starch will be removed and the starch will reduce on cooking. Due to this, the rice will be cooked. You can add one spoon of ghee or butter to make rice, this also makes rice nutritious.

5. Use of cloves: Mint and cloves can be added while cooking the rice, it also gives a nice aroma and the rice also keeps on eating.


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